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  Since 1989, The Unitel High Technology Corporation had founded in Taiwan, we consistently devoted on new products research and development, toward the professional leader in diversified material on combination. No matter from Rubber compression products (such as rubber foot mat, car sartorial holder, heat isolator silicone … and etc.), to keypad products design/production (such as rubber keypad, P+R keypad, Slim keypad, EL Rubber keypad…etc.), we growth on stable state and step by step stride across the development on board. We keep on technology and production innovation to enhance our company's competition in advantage, to offer best quality, cost-effective, and faster perfectly service to the clients on the worldwide areas.

  Faith, Action, Innovation, Eternity
Faithful attitude: No matter to the staffs, clients, shareholders and the community, we will obey the laws and rules, in which we respect our words and keep our promise on the statement.
Aggressive action: We always collect the important information aggressively and automatically, discover any related issues from the mission, find the root
  causing rapidly, search for the most adequate solution and compare the analysis in the advantage / disadvantage of the mission, in order to execute it on the efficiently.
Innovation spirit: No matter to the products, service, supervise and management modes, we always keep the aspiring on the state of new and change, finding the best improvement and breakthrough on the thought.
Eternal continuous: In order to satisfy the company and client’s requirements, we keep on striving unflaggingly, always get the final results on the clearly state and never give up.
  The Unitel Groups expect our integration and innovation in 3C industry, in which it is enable us to provide the professional service to the global market. By enhancing and improving our product and service, eventually, to satisfy our customer's ultimate requirements on demand. We shall base on the "Faithful attitude", through the "Aggressive attitude" and "Innovation Spirit", adding on "Eternity continuous", to build the company and customer up to the mutual growth and benefit to the staffs, company and clients in worldwide, and become the best total solution provider and the leadership on board in the 3C industry.
  Lifelong Learning, Business Continuity, Profit Sharing
  Through the all staff's enthusiastic non-stop training/education to obtain the new knowledge, technology and skill to enhance the company competition in advantage, furthermore, to supply the clients with the best technology integrated projects, the most satisfactory qualities products value and excellent faster considerable service system. Thus, company can keep on the power of stable on growth, to achieve the targets of vision on the business continuity, and fulfill the profit sharing of "management exaltation, staff pleasant, shareholders satisfaction" in the meantime.
  The good quality is always proceed in Business Execution and Marketing Development.
  Respect and follow the principle of law and other equipments. Keep on improving the internal wasting proposal on board; Setting the first statue of issue on Human in safety.
Endeavor the partner on the mutual-benefit relationship in the Global Green Environment Protection.
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